2019–2020 Executive Committee meetings

All meetings are from 7–8pm on the second Wednesday of each month, except as indicated below.


  • January x, 2020
  • February x, 2020
  • March x, 2020
  • April x, 2020
  • May x, 2020
  • June x, 2020
  • No July Meeting
  • August x, 2020

Meeting Location

Meetings are held at the x

Meetings of the 29th Ward are open to the 29th Ward residents. We would love to have community members’ opinions, but ask all attendees to be respectful of the meeting agenda. Only members of the Democratic Executive Committee (committee people) have voting privileges for Ward decisions.


Meeting Minutes

In the spirit of the transparency that inspired the passing of Rule II passed, all minutes from ward meetings are now publicly available.